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Values & Goals

We know that Italy is a blessed country, full of beauty, art, culture, tradition, incredible food, and welcoming people

We are aware of how lucky we are, been born and raised here, and how much we need to protect, respect, and share our culture in the most pleasant yet sustainable ways. 

We know that many people will only visit Italy once in a lifetime - or a very limited number of times (…for the luckiest ones) - so we do feel the responsibility of transforming this chance into something special.

Hence, our values and passion for hospitality has become our mission:

Delivering long lasting, authentic memories to travellers in Italy, transforming a visit into an unforgettable experience.

We aim to become the leader in experiential travel in Italy. Therefore, in a very fragmented and often unqualified scenario, we decided to create the first group of professional companies specialized in experiential travel, based in all major Italian destination with directly run operations, local long-standing expertise, and a strong level of innovation on processes, services, and technology.  

Why Towns of Italy Group

We believe that names have power, and our project needed an appropriate one, which would reflect our values, inspired by the core of our job, while being both striking yet simple: bringing together the peculiarities of Italian culture, heritage in the main destinations.

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Towns of Italy Group stands for:

To Welcome

Incoming tourism is our job, we attract tourists to experience Italy from all around the world

To Stand Together

We face the challenge of creating a high-quality, professional yet locally-inspired and sustainable tourism by merging our expertise in one Group

To Move Forward

To us, experiential travel is a never-ending journey to achieve excellence and innovation

Towns of Italy Group is the outcome decision of three companies - ItalyXP, Florencetown and Arno - to come together to create the landmark of experiential travel in Italy. The path begins by combining their complementary skills and long-standing expertise in the industry as a technologically advanced marketplace of experiences (ItalyXP), firsthand innovative producer of high-end experiences (Florencetown) and luxury onsite travel planner (Arno).

our values ​​and goals

Be inspired by the people and places around italy

We believe that a territory-based strategy is the key to the success of experiential travel business. Our highly qualified local professionals boast a deep knowledge of the peculiarities of each destination and are well-aware that inspiration can lie even beneath details in every corner of Italy. Creativity, respect for local communities, sound work ethics are the ingredients to create the magic, cultural, surprising and fun experiences, truly engaging tourists in everlasting memories.

Make experiences happen

We test every single component of our activities, having deep control on the quality, safety and overall logistics, both for activities we produce firsthand and for those provided by our reliable partners, offered on our marketplace. Clients will always find a suitable experience on our channels, whether it is a small-group signature cooking class in the company-owned cooking schools, a boat tour, a regular outdoor excursion, a Vespa tour, or a luxury tailor made event.

Enhance southern Italy destinations

It is time to head South! As we plan to expand our destinations, the South of Italy represents the greatest opportunity to replicate our model of high-quality tourism based on validating tradition and heritage through experiential travel. The tourism business in this area is struggling with a high fragmentation, so we aim at standing out as a landmark, also by involving in our project the expertise of local tour operators.

Step out the ordinary together

We are aware that clients are not just asking us to organize an activity, they expect us to create endurable memories, so our job is to constantly pursue excellence. The combination of our expertise allows us to provide experiences that fall outside the routine for the travelers and go beyond the classic standards of touristic experiences and activities. Together we can make a bigger difference!

Bring the resources of digital marketing and innovation to tourism

We often hear that tourism needs to go digital, especially in Italy, but it does not simply mean to digitalize reservations or the search for destinations. To us, it means to help tourists to travel smart in the entire experience, from pre-booking to the purchase to post-booking assistance, to the trip itself. It means to develop cutting-edge marketing technologies as a tool to ease both the customer journey and the operator’s work, to reach the widest audience of clients and in the end to attain business goals.

Become the landmark of experiential travel in Italy

The passion for our job, our constant dedication in delivering exceptional experiences, outstanding value, continuous innovation and trustworthy network of local partners will lead us to the highest goal: be the ideal choice for tourists seeking for feeling the authentic soul of Italian places, rather than just visit it.

Join our team!

We’re always looking for new talent to join us on our journey!

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The best job

A dynamic environment promoting Italian beauty, nature, culture in the most amazing spots of our country.


Career opportunities

Grow with us thanks to our group structure: different brands, multi-departmental companies, various responsibility levels.


Meet amazing people

A passionate team of young professionals to work with, the happiest clients to work for.