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Towns of Italy Group is the result of our commitment to create an advanced and sustainable tourism model in Italy, based on the pillars of the diverse and complementary competences we carry within ourselves. With the aim of becoming a leader in the sector, we decided to create, in a very fragmented and often unqualified scenario, the first group of companies specialised in experiential tourism, which will position itself as a reference for those local operators who decide to share our vision, especially in Southern Italy.

We know that many people will only visit Italy once in their lifetime, so we feel a responsibility to make this opportunity a very special experience. Thanks to our work dedication, the combination of our experience in creating high level activities and our technological know-how, we aim to become the ideal choice for tourists who not only want to visit a place, but who are looking for unforgettable sensations to get to feel the real Italian essence.

  • Our history

    The origins of Towns of Italy Group can be traced back to the story of three companies and their leaders, who found themselves sharing common values and goals.

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  • Mission

    Our values and our passion for hospitality have become our mission: Delivering long lasting and authentic memories to travellers in Italy, transforming a visit into an unforgettable experience.

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  • The Group

    The combination of our expertise allows us to provide experiences that fall outside the routine for the travelers and go beyond the classic standards of touristic experiences and activities.

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  • Sustainability

    For us, sustainability is key for a strategic forward-thinking, enhancing the development of a mindful tourism business model in each destination we work in.

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  • Towns of Italy's objective is to create a single leading operator in the Italian experience sector, guaranteeing quality standards also through technological tools and replicating its successful business model in other destinations, such as Southern Italy, with the participation of specialised operators in the area.
    Saverio Castilletti

    Saverio Castilletti President

  • Towns of Italy wants to look ahead, towards a new phase of tourism, which must be approached with awareness, overcoming an often-preponderant vision oriented merely towards quantity, working instead in terms of the wellbeing of destinations, quality, and respect for local cultures to promote tourism that leads to positive effects.
    Luca Perfetto

    Luca Perfetto CEO

  • The combination of our expertise in technology, production and luxury allows us to constantly improve the quality standards of the experiences we offer to a clientele who are eager to build authentic travel memories.
    Urbano Brini

    Urbano Brini Executive Board Member

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Towns of Italy
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Group Strengths


We only create first-class experiences with a highly qualified team.


We bring together unique and complementary specialities in our Group.


We work with respect for local culture and communities.


Our team is rooted in the territory and knows it in depth.


We pay particular attention to change and the development of new strategies.


We develop advanced technological tools to improve our services.


We design immersive and authentic experiences far from the ordinary.


We leave nothing to chance in the pursuit of our corporate vision.


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