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Our way for a sustainable tourism

Sustainability in tourism is no longer a trend, it is an imperative

Our extensive experience in Travel & Tourism made us more and more aware of the great responsibility we have to efficiently deliver our job while fully respecting and enriching the environment and the communities that live and work in the region. This is the core of the social dimension of sustainable approach to tourism, which cannot be managed anymore only with a “going green” strategy.

That’s why sustainability is not just a reputational, side component of Towns of Italy Group agenda, but it is key for a strategic forward-thinking, enhancing the development of a mindful tourism business model in each destination we work in.

Sustainable means also professional

First and foremost, it is time to overcome the “hit and run tourism” we were used to, which made Italian towns and villages insanely crowded bringing no real benefits to the locals, too often due to extemporary unlicensed operators. It is necessary to focus on the enhancement of Italian culture striving for quality, rather than on its quantity-oriented exploitation.

At Towns of Italy Group we strongly believe that the challenge of rethinking tourism in a sustainable approach needs to be handled by qualified professionals in every step. Only a well-trained staff can take the accountability of the whole process from the ideation of touristic services to their delivery on the territory, carefully evaluating the effects they bring both on locals and on customers.

Bike professional

A collective effort

The commitment to what we call a “gentle tourism” represents a milestone for Towns of Italy Group, but the importance of this challenge requires the involvement of the whole system of players in the Italian tourism scene. Institutions, stakeholders, hospitality and tourism agents must increasingly raise awareness on topics like visitors flow management and a stricter regulation for professional tourism operators with the aim of achieving an ideal balance between tourism and the authentic, real life of towns and cities, to reduce the strain on the natural and social tissue of each destination.

Driven by this mission, we build a network of suppliers and local tour operators who fully commits to these values, as we think that travel industry begins with small businesses who first of all care about the places they live in and are proud of presenting them at best to foreign visitors. 

The key of a long-term success lies also in creating a synergistic work environment, combined with innovative thinking, planning and trustworthy collaboration.

Back to the future of tourism

We have to give ourselves and to our cities the value that we have taken for granted for so long, performing adequate Destination Management policies along with rethinking our lifestyles and cultural and touristic offer. 

A long-term business growth is not measured only in visitor numbers, but in its ability to contribute to local economies and the benefits it provides to destination. In our vision, it perfectly addresses also the needs of travelers we target: those who want to live immersive experiences, engaging more fully with local communities and feeling as part of them.

At the end of the day, tourism is built on  mutually-beneficially relationship between thrilled visitors and proud locals, and this is what we should keep pursuing with our passionate work!




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